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We are mindful that homeowners may worry about employing a builder to carry out essential maintenance work to their properties. There is certainly no shortage of television programmes highlighting the problems of “cowboy” builders and other rogue traders.

With 18 years’ experience dealing with the maintenance of residential buildings, we are able to provide an independent assessment of any maintenance problems affecting your property. 

Our initial report will include details of and budget costs for any repair work we consider necessary. This will enable you to obtain like-for-like quotations from builders, with a much better understanding of the work needed, and the likely costs.

An initial inspection and report starts from as little as £75 for a single defect, but we offer a wide range of additional services including the preparation of a detailed specification document; obtaining quotations from reputable contractors, and inspecting works to ensure they are carried out correctly. 

Please contact us to discuss our services and fee scales.