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Property Managers

With 18 years’ experience dealing with the planned and reactive maintenance of residential leasehold properties, we are uniquely placed to provide a maintenance advice service to suit the legal and financial frameworks of leasehold property management. We also understand the importance of responding promptly and efficiently to residents.

We are mindful that leasehold properties often have limited financial resources and any significant expenditure will possibly require the collection of additional service charge funds and formal consultation with the leaseholders.

In the event that our inspection reveals an issue which will require the collection of extra funds or formal consultation to rectify fully, we will always endeavour to provide alternative recommendations that will enable less costly short-term repairs to be carried out; enabling the immediate problem to be resolved ahead of the full remedial work being organised.

Our reactive inspections and reports start from as little as £75 for a single defect, but we offer a range of additional services including the preparation of a detailed specification of works; obtaining tenders from reputable contractors, and contract administration to ensure the work is carried out correctly. 

We also provide a specification, tendering and contract administration service for planned maintenance; particularly external repair and redecoration projects and internal commonway refurbishments.

Please contact us to discuss our services and fee scales.